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I am putting the latest first here, as the last writing from Joanna; it is fall of 2011: I was shown by divinity that I am ready for new trails in life, and to pass AMI along to someone who loved it and would take care of it. I offered it for sale in April, and this summer it was sold to a lovely spiritual woman, Keiko Anaguchi, who is opening a second branch of AMI in Japan to complement her Rainbow Angels Sipiritual Boutiques. In 2006, Keiko opened exquisite little boutique in Mount Shasta, Shasta Rainbow Angels. Keiko is an author and spiritual teacher in Japan, a Dolphin Star Temple Teacher and continues to carry on the legacy of her teacher, Amorah Quan Yin of Mount Shasta by teaching and training new students and practioners Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School Wisdom every summer at Sacred Mount Shasta.

Uddate: In January of 2018, Linnéa Lotus joined Keiko Anaguchi as the shopkeeper of Shasta Rainbow Angels and to continue the operations of AMI with the Blessings of Joanna Cherry.
Welcome Linnéa, Godspeed.

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